Monday, December 30, 2013

Spice Up Your Knowledge Challenge 1

Lets gear up for the Spice Up Your Knowledge Challenge 1. Today's challenge is about the below
mentioned topology. The Network setup below the Internet Router is completely resilient 
(high availability).
The Internet router is not in high availability due to "budget". If Switch A or Link between
Switch A & Internet router is down which means the who site is down, there is no point in
having Switch B.
Reconfigure the Internet Router (In the physical network you are only allowed to do cabling
changes) so that even Switch A / Link between Switch A to Internet Router goes down the
traffic can flow uninterpreted from network to If you found a 
solution past the Internet Router configuration in comment.  

And your time starts now...

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  1. eagerly waiting for clue :-)

  2. Assume as Internet router has Fa0/0 & fa0/1 and IOS is higher than 12.4. Then we can configure the Layer 3 port channel in router. R1 f0/0 is connected to sw1 & f0/1 is connected to sw2, then this two interfaces add in port channel. Here is the sample config.

    int port-channel 1
    ip add

    int f0/0
    no ip add
    channel-group 1

    int f0/1
    no ip add
    channel-group 1

    here is the reference link how to configure L3 ether channel.

    So if 1 links go down between SW 1 & R1 F0/0, traffic still can go via SW2= R1 F0/1.