Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to disable Log Source Autodiscovery in STRM

By default when STRM receives Syslog messages from a device, it will try to recognize the Device Type and automatically add it as Log Source. 

Basically STRM performs auto-discovery of devices that are sending Syslog message (these devices will have Auto-discovered value: true).

This default behaviour is not always desiderable.  In certain occasions it is preferable to add a device manually and disable the auto discovery capability as there is a possibility of incorrect Device type detection.

Steps to disable Log Source Auto-discovery:

  • From the Admin Tab, open the Deployment Editor.
  • Select the Event View tab and double click eventcollecor0::zemonova, then Click Advanced icon.
  • Change: Autodetection Enabled from True to False and click Save (as shown in the picture below).

STRM Deployment Editor

  • From Deploymenet Editor Menu select: Save and Close.
  • From the Admin Tab, click Deploy Changes.

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