Friday, April 29, 2011

How To Keep Inactive SSH Session From Disconnected

That was the problem what my colleague encountered this morning. When his Putty initiated SSH connection to a server, the server disconnected / droped the SSH session whenever the idle threshold limit is reached.

However, some of the client software might able to overcome the restriction. For example, the Putty offers keepalive option to get rid off disconnection from idle timeout!

Putty client

Click on the Session and enter Host name or IP address of target host, select SSH protocol and gives it a meaningful profile name in Saved Sessions text box.

Click on the Connection category tree menu, enter a non-zero digit in Seconds between keepalives (0 to turn off) text box.

Go back to Session category tree menu and click the Save button.

From now onwards, whenever you load this SSH session profile and click Open button, the keepalive feature will be enabled to keep the inactive / idle SSH session from disconnected.

So, if you’re using Putty as Windows SSH client and encounter problem of SSH disconnected after idle / inactive for some minutes, please try to configure the keepalive option.

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