Friday, September 3, 2010

Multiple Proxy IDs Over Route-Based VPN in Netscreen Firewall

After a long waiting Juniper's ScreenOS support for Multiple Proxy IDs Over Route-Based VPN.

ScreenOS 6.3.0 supports multiple proxy IDs on a route-based VPN. If multiple tunnels exist between peers, the security device uses proxy IDs to route the traffic through a particular tunnel. For each proxy ID, a specific tunnel and Phase 2 SA are associated.

When traffic matching a proxy ID arrives, the security device does a proxy-ID check to route that traffic. If multiple proxy IDs are defined for a route-based VPN, a proxy ID check is always performed, even if it is disabled. In a hub-and-spoke topology, proxy IDs should be defined for both hub-to-spoke and spoke-to-spoke configurations.

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